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Driver CPC • JAUPT Approved • Transport London • FORS

Who Should Attend

Our Driver CPC FORS safe urban driving training course, in conjunction with Professional Cycle Coaching, focuses on vulnerable road user such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, with a particular focus on cyclists.  An increase in population across cities and towns in the UK adds to the challenges and hazards of driving. To help improve road safety, safe urban driving focuses on understanding how vulnerable road users behave and giving drivers a first hand experience of being a vulnerable road user. The course includes a practical on-road cycle training element and gives Drivers a real life experience as to a cyclist's perspective of riding in urban environments, as well as in traffic.  The training also counts towards the required 35 hours Driver CPC which all professional Drivers must complete.

The course meets the FORS requirements and any other contractual requirements such as TfL's (Transport for London) Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) and CLOCS requirements.  Your drivers will be registered with FORS as having completed safe urban driving.

Benefits of JAUPT Approved FORS Safe Urban Driving

Fully aligned to meet the training requirement of:

  • Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) Standard
  • Transport For London Contractual Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) requirements
  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver level
  • Driver CPC accredited
  • Funded for FORS accredited operators in London
  • Driver responsibility and attitude

Course Content

In The Classroom - Theory Module (3.5 hours)
This part of the course focuses on sharing the road safely and highlights the vulnerability of other road users.

  • How and why roads are changing to accommodate active travel, such as walking and cycling
  • Who vulnerable road users are, and how they interact with traffic
  • How to share the road safely
  • Use and limitations of supplementary vehicle safety equipment and how to maintain its effectiveness

On The Road - Practical Module (3.5 hours)
After the initial bicycle control skills training, Drivers ride on bikes to areas of potential conflict including junctions, traffic lights and advanced stop lines. 

  • Demonstrate control of a bike
  • Demonstrate where to ride on the road and the use and limitations of cycle infrastructure
  • Tackle challenging roads and traffic situations
  • Demonstrate how and when to pass queuing traffic
  • Identify and react to hazardous road surfaces
  • Use the experience of having cycled in moving traffic to improve driving standards and consideration for others

Benefits of Attending

This JAUPT approved course will give you 7 hours towards your required 35 hours of periodical training.

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